Buttersweet Cakes made Edna's the coolset 25th Anniversary cake ever.


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"Edna's, 5137 Classen Cir. Known for their 'lunchboxes' and for the owner's dance moves."

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Ednas is a dive bar with a good reputation. It gets so full you can barely order your next lunchbox (Ammeretto, Coors and orange juice).  But that's half the fun.


Cocktail Saturday: Edna’s Lunchbox

"This drink originated at a honky tonk in Oklahoma called – what else – Edna’s. Edna claims to have “The Best Box In Town”.  And who couldn’t appreciate that?" (read full article)

 April 6, 2013 Written by Linda Roy

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"E is for Edna’s.
Edna’s, 5137 N. Classen, is home to one of Oklahoma City’s most classic cocktails: the infamous Lunchbox. If you’ve never had one, you shouldn’t be allowed to live in this city. If you have, make sure you take all out-of-town guests to delight in the weird wonder that is a Lunchbox." (read full article)



Hardcore Oklahoma Tipping


Hardcore Oklahoma Tipping With Dollar Bills Stapled To Bodies; And You Thought New York Bartenders Worked Hard

On Christmas Eve, I rolled up to Edna's, a Sooner mainstay famous for what may be the world's greatest elixir, the Lunchbox (a mixture Coors Light, Amaretto, and orange juice served in a chilled glass). If you ever make it to this twister-torn state and arrive a little thirsty, remember that it's tradition to take down this $4 liquid bliss in a single Adam's-apple-bobbing chug.(read full article)



Edna's makes the cover of the May 2010 edition of the Edmond Outlook!

Edmond Outlook May 2010

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"Edna’s: Technically just off Western. A local institution, known for Edna herself dancing on the bar to “Great Balls of Fire” and also for their deliciously addictive Lunchboxes. Get there early to secure your table for the night!"

Snggie Pub Crawl 2009



aha moment

edna’s restaurant and club - oklahoma city

"Be sure to check out Edna’s Restaurant and Club if your travels take you to Oklahoma City - and be sure to bring a dollar bill, as they’re always looking for new artistic talent." (View full story)

                                                                                                                  Published by: Brett Rogstad, May 06, 2009


Oklahoma Initiative Ideas: 30-21- The Lost Ogle

November 12, 2007

"22. Remodel Edna’s: Replace the $1 bills stuck on the wall with $5 bills.

Since they created and marketed the Lunch Box, Edna’s has become pretty much the best bar in Oklahoma City. Now that the bar is more popular, it needs to be remodeled. An easy way to do this (while keeping it’s divy charm) is to replace all the decorated George Washingtons with Abe Lincolns"


Edna's & the We I.D., Campiagn


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